Purse Seiners on Amalga Cove 20"x16"
Sockeye 12"x24"
King Salmon 12"x24"

From Maureen: "My trip to Alaska in summer 2017 as artist-in-residence was amazing. A visual feast of nature's beauty.  I spent two weeks in Juneau, the landlocked capital city, in a cabin on a secluded cove. The cabin was built by the first Governor of Alaska, Ernest Gruening, as a summer residence. His wife was a painter and the state uses this property each summer for its artist in residence program. Juneau is a glacial rainforest. When the clouds lift, the mountain views are majestic. From the cabin, I saw seine boats in the water, the occational salmon fisherman at the nearby salt chuck, bald eagles by the dozens and once, whales in the cove and a black bear watching from the opposite riverbank. The people were friendly and welcoming and from diverse backgrounds - including several from Georgia! At a boat ramp I visited with a car full of UGA and GT grads. In additino to painting on my own, I invited a local plein air group to an impromput painting day, went halibut fishing and enjoyed an old fashioned, candy throwing, fourth of July parade in downtown Juneau. Every time I travel, I'm reminded that the world is small, travel is easier than you think and how important it is to get a new perspective and inspiration as an artist. Thank you Alaska!"

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